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QUALITY ASSURANCE Integrated Circuit Die

With counterfeit components getting into the SUPPLY CHAIN in the last few years. Quality Control play an increasing important role. We guarantee all parts 100% and inspect all incoming components before shipping to you.

If for any reason you have reservations regarding your order we will be glad to take full responsibility to rectify any mistake on our part. Our Quality control Procedures closely follow the ERAI guidelines.

Decapped Silicon Die
Our commitment to quality is both reflected in and reinforced by our Comprehensive Quality Assurance System(QAS).
Our QA inspection and packaging area are ESD Compliance.

  • Packaging inspection
  • Label Verification
  • ESD and packing compliances
  • Chip Surface Verification and Leads Inspection
  • Dimensional Checking
  • Marking Permanency Test
  • Electronic Chip Decapping/Delidding
  • X-ray
  • Electrical/Functional Testing
  • Solderability Testing
  • Leads Testing for ROHS